unwavering-unfettered_Rana-San_2unwavering / unfettered

Hammered letter for letter into 16mm found footage of a police propaganda film, subtext emerges from the redundancy of repeated text as a reclamation of bodily autonomy.

(2022, 2:34 min)

Apr. 2023 | Experiments in Cinema | Albuquerque, NM + Virtual
May 2023 | Artists of Color Expo & Symposium | Seattle, WA + Virtual

what in my nature 2 - webwhat [in my nature] is dying

On my birthday I arrive at the ocean, previous night’s dream in tow. The film, wrapped around a circular glass pane, loops back on itself—exposed in the exposure under layers of sun-baked lemon lavender, topped with sand and salt water. 16mm cyanotype capsule of a solar return.

(2019, 1:23 min)

May 2023 | Artists of Color Expo & Symposium | Seattle, WA + Virtual
Oct. 2022 | Engauge Experimental Film Festival | Seattle, WA
Jul. 2022 | Eugene Contemporary Art TIME/SPACE | Eugene, OR + Virtual

paper plain titlepaper plain

2D objects reveal a couple’s three-dimensional fault lines.

(2021, 4:50 min)

Feb. 2023 | NYC Indie Theatre Film Festival | New York, NY
Oct. 2022 | Tacoma Film Festival | Tacoma, WA
Aug. 2022 | North Bend Film Festival | North Bend, WA
Apr. 2022 | SPLIFF | Portland, OR + Seattle, WA
Apr. 2022 | Seattle International Film Festival | Seattle, WA + Virtual

kur dele dele

kur dele dele

Looping stop motion honoring victims of femicide in Turkey. This visual prayer is a conjuring of power, a cutting of cords through repetition. A prayer for my sisters alive and unborn. A prayer for the families left to mourn. My maternal grandmother’s words pouring forth.

(2021, 0:49 min loop)

May 2021 | Artists of Color Expo & Symposium | Seattle, WA + Virtual

Capture 3

Proteus Vox Human

Cosmic guide to connecting with one’s future self. Ritual by Rana San, visuals by Vivian Hua, music by Paul Siple.

(2021, 8:20 min)

Mar. 2021 | pink noise vi: fantasy embodiment | Virtual

letters to (and from) Pablo still

letters to [and from] Pablo

Improvised visual letters breach sense, distance, and substance.

Featuring Citrus Máxima + Camellia Sinesis from album “Seeds” by Pablo Schvarzman.

(2020, 3:33 min)

May 2021 | Artists of Color Expo & Symposium | Seattle, WA + Virtual
Nov. 2020 | Engauge Experimental Film Festival | Virtual
May 2020 | Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival | Virtual **Jonathan Marlow’s Judge’s 1st Choice Award**

letters to pablo still

letters to Pablo

An improvised visual letter written in alternating words, from one to another, shot on 8mm film.

(2019, 1:06 min)

May 2021 | Artists of Color Symposium | Seattle, WA + Virtual
May 2019 | Georgetown Super 8 Festival | Seattle, WA



Some things are better left unsaid. This is a true story about one of those things.

Comedic stop motion animation made for Hairstory – an art show, reading, and interactive performance featuring over 40 individuals’ experiences about hair.

(2016, 3:19 min)

Feb. 2021 | Reel Love Fest | Virtual
Sep. 2016 | Local Sightings Film Festival at Northwest Film Forum | Seattle, WA
Apr. 2016 | Hairstory at The Factory | Seattle, WA