letters to (and from) Pablo still

letters to [and from] Pablo

Improvised visual letters breach sense, distance, and substance.

Featuring Citrus Máxima + Camellia Sinesis from album “Seeds” by Pablo Schvarzman.

May 2020 | Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival | Seattle, WA (Jonathan Marlow’s Judge’s 1st Choice Award)

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past present present still

past present present

Direct cameraless animation looping on 16mm film, using emulsion scratching and coloring techniques.


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letters to pablo still

letters to Pablo

An improvised visual letter written in alternating words, from one to another, shot on 8mm film.

May 2019 | Georgetown Super 8 Festival | Seattle, WA

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articulate still


: to give shape or expression to 
to unite by or as if by means of a joint
: to form or fit into a systematic whole


2019 (post-production)

pop rocks still

Pop Rocks for brother

Dream study in the form of a video poem at Sou’wester Artist Residency.

Mar. 2019 | Association of Writers + Writing Programs (AWP) Conference | Portland, OR


intimate (v.)

Videopoem about the history of things, people, and places.

Oct. 2018 | Airstream Poetry Festival | Seaview, WA

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paper plain title

paper plain

A couple’s quiet trailer life is disrupted by an unusual phenomenon that goes unspoken.

Narrative short shot at Sou’wester in Seaview, WA.

2018 (post-production)

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come home

come home

Observational short shot and recorded at Sou’wester in Seaview, WA.

Music: Long Gone by Sons of Rainier


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Some things are better left unsaid. This is a true story about one of those things.

Short stop motion animation made for Hairstory – an art show, reading, and interactive performance featuring over 40 individuals’ experiences about hair.

2016 | Hairstory at The Factory | Seattle, WA
2016 | Local Sightings Film Festival at Northwest Film Forum | Seattle, WA

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