DOUBLE CLEAR by E.T. Russian

DOUBLE CLEAR is an interactive exhibition of animation, sculpture, and poetry that follows gargoyle apparitions as they fly over cemeteries, bridges, land, and water, and experience a series of surreal events. This installation is a meditation on choosing what to live for. The multi-sensory video comic installation by Seattle-based artist and author E.T. Russian was on view at Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery December 7, 2019 – March 1, 2020.

On Jan 9, 2020, regional artists working in sound and movement performed live in the exhibition space with DOUBLE CLEAR as the backdrop. This event featured Rana San, Neve Kamilah Mazique-Bianco, Seema Bahl, Wynne Greenwood, and Claire Barrera as well as storytelling and poetry by Anne Riley, Jaye Sablan, and LL Gimeno.

2020 | Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery | Seattle, WA

opaqueness 1

Property of Opaqueness: A Performance by Takahiro Yamamoto

In partnership with Velocity Dance Center on the occasion of the Henry Art Gallery‘s exhibition Carrie Yamaoka: recto/verso.

The collaborative dance performance Property of Opaqueness is the first iteration of choreographer Takahiro Yamamoto’s project under the umbrella title Opacity of Performance, scheduled to debut at the Portland Art Museum in Fall 2020. This multi-year project investigates visibility and the physical and emotional effects that performers and viewers undergo when acts of looking, moving, and paying attention vary over an extended duration. When does visibility/invisibility validate the performer and when does it negate them? What are the social consequences of looking at a performing body today?

Opacity of Performance applies Edouard Glissant’s idea of opacity to a discipline that relies on the audience’s clear desire to see the performers. For him, opacity is “that which cannot be reduced” to the familiar. It is the part of ourselves that others cannot grasp, “the thing that would bring us together forever and make us permanently distinctive.” By varying levels of visibility/opacity in the work, Yamamoto proposes that both viewers and performers use perception and imagination to reflect on the relational nature of validation and understanding. In this work, Yamamoto centers the unknowable as a vulnerable yet necessary state of being.

This iteration of Property of Opaqueness featured Portland filmmaker Roland Dahwen Wu and Seattle artist and arts administrator Rana San, performing alongside Yamamoto.

2019 | Velocity Dance Center | Seattle, WA


Manifesto by ilvs strauss

Manifesto is a Dance Narrative performance that employs a marine invertebrate, a California Red Sea Cucumber to be exact, as a vehicle for exploring the topic of womanhood. No set, minimal costumes and a few handmade, larger than life props create the backdrop for a subtle, detailed dance set to the tune of a clear, concise voice over narrative directed at the audience.

Topics of womanhood (what it takes to be a woman, what it means to be a woman who does not want children, what to do with those creative energies) and intertidal invertebrates (I have a long standing fascination with marine life) interweave, taking audience members on an engaging, genre blending stroll thru personal ruminations and aspirations.

2017 | Firehouse Performing Arts Center | Bellingham, WA
2015 | Velocity Dance Center | Seattle, WA

anadolu folklife

Photo: Christopher Nelson

Traditional Turkish Dance with Anadolu Folk Dance Group

Folk dance instruction, choreography, and performances at biannual Turkish Showcase.

Presenting authentic folk dances from regions across Turkey, this group was founded in 1979 and is composed of dancers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. The Anadolu Folk Dancers perform regularly in the Pacific Northwest at cultural events and festivals.

2012 – 2018 | Northwest Folklife | Seattle, WA
2001 – 2010 | TurkFest, Seattle Center Festál | Seattle, WA

stern grove 3

Flamenco Dance with The Family Crest

The Family Crest invites musicians and artists to join their “Extended Family” by collaborating with them in various ways for live performances and recordings. This collaboration involved a rhythmic flamenco dance accompaniment to Sell Yourself Lightly.

2012 | Stern Grove Festival  | San Francisco, CA
2012 | Tractor Tavern | Seattle, WA

art dictatorMarch 20, 2008-7

Flamenco Dance with Flamenko Evi

Flamenco instruction, choreography, and performance.

2008 | Ispanyol Defteri | Istanbul, Turkey
2008 | ¡Viva Flamenco! | Istanbul, Turkey
2008 | Flamenko Evi Resitali | Bursa, Turkey